We Vibe

Described as the harmonious throb or the two become one weapon of choice. We Vibe together and sometimes alone. The We vibe broke the mould after it was made – or at least part of the mould was broken, the remainder was used to create the bigger, better, brighter we-vibe 2 and we-vibe three.

So what is so good ad so original about the we-vibe? Well this video will answer some of your questions and the reviews will hopefully answer any that have not been answered already by the video.

And the reviews can be seen here

So what are the key points and salient factors?

  • Two heads are better than one
  • Two heads are connected by a flexible bond
  • the bond is both literal and metaphorical
  • more powerful then Zeus was when he was in the form of a ram
  • You’ll never had had so much fun….