We Vibe 3

The we vibe 3 truly takes us into the next generation – this is the one that will be discussed hundreds of years from now – this is he one that we will tell our grandchildren about!

Everything from the packaging to the recharge unit has beeen carefully thought out to make the we-vibe three as cools as cool could ever be.

If you don’t beleive psvibes then listen to this and see what the users have to say.

So what exactly are the advantages of being able to remote control the unit – well the possibilities are endless – the only limit is your imagination.

Just think you might be at work, at the desk and a little bit bored – tired of looking at cats playing the piano on youtube – so why not take that we-vibe three remote controller out of your pocket and get things going – just a quick call – “Hi Babe, strap it on” and then you’re good to go – either hang up the phone and use your imagination or simply keep listening to find out what happens as you cycle thought the choice of pulses that lay at your finger tips no more than a buttons press away – the idea of a “Love Button” has been brought with a kick and a scream into the new digital age.