Used x-pole sale

There are times when it is worth investigating what is available in the used market and the used x-pole ale is as good an illustration of this as anything else.

As with any game, it is worth knowing the rules before you play!! An outline of you rights when it comes to buying second hand x-poles (or any goods) can be found here

The most important aspect is that the goods should be “as described” – so when it comes to second hand listings then then in ebay, gumtree etc then you’ll often have quite a thin description which would not leave you very much to comlain about -because to put it simply if there is no description then there can’t be an inaccurate description! The solution to this is to ask lots of question to ascertain the quality and condition of the x-pole.

What Questions do I need to ask?

The things that are most likely to go wrong are anything that can move – so with the x-pole xpert this could be the bearings…
However most components can be bought as replacements – for a price!!!! And it won’t take many new parts to increase the cost of a second hand x-pole to bring it up to the cost of a brand new x-pole! The components that are worthy of extra inspection are the x-joints – they are normally maintenance free – but that does not make them indestructible – something to look out for is any scratches on the inside of them – this is often a clue that they have been jammed and then removed in a rough fashion – rather than using the recommended technique.

The one thing that cannot be replaced is the surface finish of the x-pole -once again, this should last forever but too man people fail to read the instructions and clean them with a abrasive cleaner – the result of this is often tiny abrasions that might not look too bad at first, but will slowly fail more and more as the normal wear by pole dancing – so pay close attention to the electro-plated chrome.

So look on ebay, by all means – but remember the number one rule … buyer beware!!