What exactly is raw is a we vibe raw, would it rub you raw is the punch in your photos all to do with the x-pole or is there something elase involved thta we are less certain of? I can’t really say for sure but I do know that I would opt for the raw each and every day of I was to be given the option – t that I ever get the choice – I really am more of a simple jpeg sort of person at the end of the day!Kind of trying to decide if you are an xsport or an xpert – nobody is ever likely to be able to tell you just go out and dance and find out for yourself! Anyway, I digress the real issue is all about the idea of jpeg vs raw – the best example I can give is when I was at a club surrounded by strippers poles and not much else the light and movement was extreme and I really had my work cut-out in trying to figure out exactly what was happening but when I got back from the dance and started processing the RAW data then I could see that I had made the right choice.